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Auger construction site layout requirements

Date:2016-03-14 09:16:44
Before entering the small rotary drilling rig construction site we have to do a lot of preparatory work, such as to go to survey the terrain, the environment surrounding the construction site, construction machinery and technical information as well as ancillary equipment is to develop construction programs, etc., to finish the work, If you meet our rotary drilling rig construction requirements, then we can leave it the site of the device. Pull the device to the site of the site we have to be arranged, then what is the principle of site layout it? Today small to share with you how to arrange the construction site.
We must first depending on design requirements and reasonable arrangement before construction at the site, to the formation of the construction site, debris and garbage treatment, not soft soil removal, pounding dense and so on. After completing such work, to make qualified personnel and Measuring measure, mark out all the bits and nailed Pile cross protection pile, and then do the measurements are reviewed, and recorded data is saved; the construction site for a planned route well, the proposed route and pile hole to maintain a certain distance; rotary drilling rig placed on a non-suited to solid ground, while generating an uneven subsidence, should consider setting position of the rig construction orifice removal convenience.
Before construction site layout principles mentioned above, I hope we can follow for their small series finishing this set of procedures in order to avoid unnecessary trouble occurred in the construction process.

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