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Small rotary drilling rig and drill constituted bodies of knowledge

Date:2016-03-14 09:15:43
Every car is made up of many parts of the composition, of course, is no exception rotary drilling rig, Xiao Bian gave you today to talk about the small rotary drilling rig is composed of parts which compose it, rotary drilling rig structure of the main chassis, drilling masts, its own landing gear, main and auxiliary winch, power head, drill, drill, turret, engine systems, cab, cover, counterweight, hydraulic system, electrical system and so on. We also see this done right, these are the essential accessory for rotary drilling rig, today to talk about the details of drill features.
For a relatively hard rock formations, large boulders and hard layer of the permafrost layer directly with the auger or rotary drilling rig drilling more difficult, with the need to drum ring bit and bailing auger drill bit drilling. Coring drill bit into the annular drum cartridge cyclic and non-coring drill. Annular cutter type drill bit in accordance with the formation being drilled can be divided into different and weathered bedrock permafrost drilling and for drilling hard rock bit cone ring barrel. Coring drill ring drum structure and principle: since the beginning of the machine body and outer tubes two layers, the outer tube welded main cutting teeth on the inner tube welding auxiliary cutting teeth, the inner tube with the bottom hinge supporting core sheet. When drilling core will hinge open the top sheet into the tube, when to drill the hinges by the weight of the core block in the horizontal position inside the inner tube, core out of the hole. No coring drill ring drum structure and working principle: the lower part of the drill cylinder direct welding cutting teeth when the first drill drilling drilling drum ring formation into a cylindrical shape, and then drill down into the circular spiral core broken into pieces, and then bailing bucket to remove fragments. Depending on the terrain and workplaces will need to select a different drills, and our southern and northern plateau region, there are mountain terrain is very difficult, so we can not work according to the conventional terrain, and so it is easy to cause rapid destruction drill to quickly shorten the service life of rotary drilling rig. The above is a detailed description of how to replace the drill bit and explain what kind of terrain you should use the drill bit. If you or there is a reasonable proposal that need to be changed can give us, we will adopt.

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