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Rotary drilling rig cab use and maintenance

Date:2016-03-14 09:15:07
Any car has a cab and it belongs to the operating system, either from high-grade or low-cost car project car, of course, our rotary drilling rig is no exception, but also belong to his cab, our rotary drilling rig driving room seemingly simple but a little better than the poor performance of high-end performance cars Oh, Xiao Bian gave you today to talk about how the cab rotary drilling rig use and operation as well as easy maintenance:
Not without our permission, modification, repair the rig;
Not without our permission, demolition or by filling in parts of the rig;
Not without our permission, use of non-recognition of the company or the drill and other accessories;
If you do not follow the requirements of this manual proposed use, installation and placement of the rig
Not selected fuels and lubricants do not meet the requirements of this proposed instruction manual or insufficient lubricant;
Failure to require this manual can not put forward for maintenance.
The user must promptly provide fault records of the rig to suppliers, including those not affected user's fault
In the operation, maintenance and repair of the machine most accidents, often because they do not observe basic safety rules or precautions caused. If the customer if we recognize a variety of potentially dangerous situations, accidents tend to be avoided, a variety of potential hazards, our staff must be trained to acquire the necessary skills and the proper use of tools. If it is not correct operation, lubrication, maintenance and repair of the machine is dangerous and likely to cause an accident casualties. We must prevent this from happening.

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