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Reverse circulation rotary drilling rig operations bored piles technology

Date:2016-03-14 09:14:40
The so-called reverse circulation refers to the rig, the rotating cutting disk drive drill hole drill ends of broken rock, fluid flows into the bottom of the hole from the drill pipe and the wall of the hole in the annular gap, cool the drill bit and carries to be cut down geotechnical drilling residue from the drill lumen return to the ground, while the fluid returned to form a loop hole. Since the drill lumen diameter smaller than the borehole, so the drill pipe mud rising much faster rate than normal circulation. Not only water, but also to bring the drilling residue drill pipe to the top, the flow of mud settling ponds, mud purification before recycling.
Reverse circulation compared with the normal circulation, reverse circulation drilling is much faster, required less mud, less power consumed by the turntable, Chiang Khong times faster, using a special drill bits drilling rock and so on.
Reverse circulation holes drilled into the construction cycle by flushing fluid transmission, power source and the principle can be divided into the gas lift reverse circulation, jet pump suction reverse circulation and reverse circulation, etc., gas lift reverse circulation drilling, also known as puffer reverse circulation drilling, its working principle is shown below. Within the drill pipe into the borehole filled with fluid, by rotating the rotary disc ⑦, led airtight square drive rod ② and ⑤ rotating drill bit cutting rock, the lower end of the drill pipe from the compressed air injection nozzle ④ discharge, and be cut down soil, sand or the like is also lighter than water silt water vapor mixture in the drill pipe. Due to the combined effect of the pressure difference between the inside and outside the drill pipe and the amount of air pressure, water will rise silt gas mixture together with the fluid is discharged to the ground mud pool or water storage tank, soil, sand, gravel and debris through the nip hose ⑥ et mud sedimentation tanks, fluid inflow hole again.

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