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Reverse Circulation holes construction preparation

Date:2016-03-14 09:14:04
(1) flat ground: Before drilling pile construction, site preparation should be carried out, the seat should not be placed directly on the rig is not a solid fill, in order to avoid uneven subsidence. Sidewalk repair through dry land position, to facilitate the construction equipment, material handling.
(2) determining bit bored piles: baseline control network in accordance with the total station accurate release pile position and do a good job in the field clearly marked. Put away the pile-bit field correspondent, doing cross retaining pile.
(3) before the job site, construction site to identify the light and dark setting was (wires, underground cables, pipes, tunnels, etc.) and to the place, and the use of clear identification mark, using artificial test pit excavation, to find the specific location of the pipeline , and make a significant mark. Prohibited within 1m distance from the cable operations.
(4) preparation equipment: cranes, welding machine, mud pump, reverse circulation drilling rigs, excavators and the like.

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