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Positive, reverse circulation holes which construction shall comply with the provisions of

Date:2016-03-14 09:12:08
Positive, reverse circulation hole construction should meet the following requirements:
1, a pore diameter of not less than the design pile diameter drill bit should be set gage means;
2, the equipment should be based on the pile into the hole type, geological conditions and pore-forming process to select, coarse sand into the hole and the hole depth, diameter is large, it should adopt the reverse circulation holes;
3, in the soft soil drilling, drilling speed should be controlled in accordance with the mud and scum supply situation. Hard rock layer or rate of penetration should not occur drilling rig beating, hole deviation is appropriate;
4, the speed should be based on the drill rig form, soil conditions, torque and drill cutting tool wear adjustment: Carbide drills, speed 40r / min ~ 80r / min; drill steel shot, speed 50r / min ~ 120r / min; cone bit, speed is 60r / min ~ 180r / min;
5, in loose formation, should be washed in accordance with mud and drilling residue exclude adjust WOB, drilling in hard rock layer or, if necessary, to add weight to improve WOB;
6, the occurrence of mud wall holing oblique hole, hole collapse or take slurry and ground subsidence along the tube around the drilling should stop nursing, etc., can continue to take measures after construction.
Above all finishing work according to the problem encountered in actual participants made reference, any questions please timely communication, correction.

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