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Small rotary drilling rig working principle, the scope

Date:2016-03-10 09:18:40
In recent years, a new type of pile driving machinery to promote the use of in most parts of China, construction, environmental protection, low noise, fast into the hole, pore size can be adjusted, high efficiency is his advantage, it is a small rotary drilling rig. Small multi-function rotary drilling rig is widely used in many aspects of high-speed rail bridges, industrial, civil construction, municipal construction, today we have to introduce his works as well as the scope and other aspects of knowledge.
Rotary drilling rig is dry with a rotating bucket, and other diverse short auger drilling, wet drilling operations, circulation drilling earth, until it reaches the depth of the design. Rotary drilling rig can be configured long auger drilling, casing and the drive unit, belled drill bucket, drum drill, precast pile hammers and other work equipment. Full production of small rotary drilling rig is designed according to the geological conditions of two different ways of walking rigs: crawler, wheeled. Rotary drilling rig working principle is to use short auger drill bucket bucket or barrel with its power head unit provides powerful torque and pressure directly to the soil or gravel mining and other rotary drilling residue, then quickly made outside the hole. Such operation reduces construction costs, reduce environmental pollution, and its small construction noise, improve the construction environment, improve the efficiency as well.

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