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Rotary drilling rig to drill the reasonable control of the speed of the bucket elevator

Date:2016-03-10 09:18:07
Rotary drilling rig in the course of a reasonable construction method and bit selection can achieve a multiplier effect. Therefore, when operating a small rotary drilling rig must pay attention to methods, today small to see an article on the reasonable control of the drill lifting speed of the article, finishing up specifically to share with you, we also learn about the experience of others.
Do not start drilling a faster time, in order to keep the drill upright should slow footage. Then if you find the drill pipe during drilling or difficult to shake when drilling, then drill is likely to Hard Rock or other hard objects, and to enhance the drill inspection, identify the reasons in the drilling process, so as not to cause pile hole serious tilt, offset, and even the drill pipe, drill broken or damaged. To do the drilling process at any time to clear the air interface Soil & ground fallout, develop good habits. Encountered water seepage hole, hole collapse, necking and other anomalies should drill holes from the proposed research properly. To have the reasonable control of drilling slurry drill bucket elevator speed.

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