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Rotary drilling rig - Domestic Situation

Date:2016-03-10 09:17:34
Rotary drilling rig first in the United States come out Karl Wirth company before World War II, World War II was developed in Europe in 1948, the Italian company first started to develop Matt, then Italy, Germany began to develop, to get 70 to 80 years of rapid development in Japan, Japan was called rotary bucket into the pile, and Jiao Secretary Terry method (EarthDriII), in Germany and Japan such construction methods are quite common. China in the early 1980s had introduced from Japan working device, fitted on the KH-125 crawler crane. In 1984, Tianjin Exploration Machinery Factory introduction of the US RDI's rotary drilling rig and digestion and absorption. In 1987 at the Beijing Exhibition debuted in Italy Soilmec (SOILMEC) product, 1988 Beijing Urban Construction Machinery Plant according to geotechnical company has developed a 1.5m diameter prototype crawler crane attached type rotary drilling rig.
Zhengzhou investigation Machinery Plant in 1994 to introduce the British company BSP Attached auger drilling machines, the technology, but not mass production. Bauer 1992 the company established a representative office in Beijing, China, started its China business. And in 1995 we set up a wholly-owned subsidiary in Tianjin Bauer Tianjin Machinery Engineering Co., Ltd., assembled for the Chinese market Bauer BG20 type rotary drilling rig.
1998 in Shanghai and set up a Sino-German joint venture Shanghai Jintai Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd. Bauer, the assembly type BG15, BG24 type rotary drilling rig. In 1998, XCMG started independently developed RD18 rotary drilling rig, a successful trial and put into mass production in 99 years, in recent years, Chinese rotary drilling rig has achieved rapid development. Later, Beijing Jingwei Juli, heavy machine, etc. have also involved in the production of rotary drilling rig, drilling rotary drilling machines domestic and foreign production has nearly 20 vendors.
Rotary drilling rig construction industry due to drive the Qinghai-Tibet Railway and the Beijing Olympic Games projects in 2003, market awareness is rapidly increasing, the rapid expansion of market capacity. Rising market demand attracted to enter the domestic large-scale construction machinery enterprises Sany, XCMG, Zoomlion and Sunward and so have to get involved, and the rapid expansion of market share. After 2005, the domestic brand rotary drilling rig has basically replaced the foreign brands. Since 2006, Rotary Drilling sales in recent years was leaps and bounds. Especially in 2009, domestic rotary drilling rig manufacturing enterprises as many as 30, with nearly 200 types of products, market holdings to nearly 4,000, market competition is fiercer than ever.

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